Carregal do Sal is a rural village,county seat, located on the right bank of the fantastic Mondego river, in the fertil region of Dão-Lafões, known for the weatlh of its soils, that produce the most fresh products of the land.

Located between the fantastic Serras da Estrela and Caramulo, the region of Carregal do Sal enchants for its natural beauty, filled with water courses and fertile lands, where is produced the famous Vinho Dão and the much appreciated olive oil.

The place name “Sal” arise from the huge salt plan built on command of Casa de Santar, that supplied the whole region, the salt coming from Figueira da Foz, on boats that sail the river Dão and Mondego.

The interesting Manuel Soares de Albergaria museum is located on the house built by Francisco Pais do Amaral, from House of Santar, in the place where were located the salt plan. The museum shows today a huge collection of ethnography, painting,archeology, sculture and armory, as well as diversed archaeological places.

Denoting the importance of agricultural activity of the region, there are many manor houses emblazoned the medieval genesis, in a nobel architecture using local materials like granite, beloging to the noble families that made the fertility of soils  its maximum wealth.

» Carregal do Sal
» Parque Natural Serra da Estrela
» Termas S.Gemil
» Termas Caldas das Felgueiras
» Rota Vinhos do Dão
» Sports: BTT / Náuticos / Caminhadas
» Montebelo Golf Course(Viseu)
» Pré-Históric circuits
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Viseu: 40km
Coimbra: 65km
Figueira da Foz: 99Km
Aveiro: 112km
Torre (Serra da Estrela): 60Km

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